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If you think that planning your much awaited Kauai Vacation and Kauai Tours will be really stressful, do not worry because Kauai Tours is here to make your lifelong dream of  your Kauai Activities come true with no stress and the best discounted prices! With Kauai Tours, you can reserve the most affordable yet the finest Kauai Hawaii Tours! Kauai Sightseeing is not ordinary because it is a journey where you will get to know interesting history and culture of the beautiful island of Kauai. Aside from that, it will also be an exploration of the island's hidden beauty together with your loved ones and friends! With Kauai Tours, you will never be out of adventure-packed Things to Do in Kauai and you will enjoy more with the most affordable rates for your desired Kauai Attractions and Kauai Travel!

Think of all the adventures you want to do with in Kauai, start imagining all the fun you are going to get with your Hawaii Sightseeing and Hawaii Activities. Begin creating your own story of an exciting Hawaii holiday because Kauai Tours is here to make it into reality! Kauai Tours has all the finest and superb Kauai Activities and Kauai Attractions which can make your lifelong plan of expedition in Hawaii come true! All you need to do is visit the Kauai Tours website! Kauai Tours considers you not just our customers but a part in our wide family whom we want to be happy and have a good time in Kauai, Hawaii! You need not go elsewhere because we all have the resources to help you treat your loved ones in a beautiful paradise of Hawaii! If you are interested in other Hawaii Activities or Hawaii Tours be sure to check out our other site that covers all the Islands, www.hawaiidiscount.com

Kauai Activities and Tours

Having hesitations where to spend your fun filled Hawaiian Tours? No need to go anywhere else because the island of Kauai has all amazing adventure that you have been dreaming of. Considering that it is the most ancient among Hawaii's islands and located at the farthest north of Hawaii, Kauai is like
a treasure box with lots of jewels and treasure to be found in it. It may seem to be a tiny island with only 55 square miles wide, it is widely known as the most magnificent and the best island of Hawaii for all the breathtaking Hawaii Activities you have in mind! It is popularly called the Garden Island of Hawaii having the most lavish rainforest and came on earth due to volcanic eruptions which made Kauai as one of the top destinations for all tourists in Hawaii! Complete all your checklist of Kauai Hawaii Tour and Hawaii Activities on this striking and gorgeous island of Kauai! You can go for an exploration to its hilly scenery and discover the splendid waterfalls and fantastic canyons created by the unending rainfall on the area or sail on its beautiful windsurfing beaches! Whatever your taste is for adventure, you are definitely going to find it in Kauai Island! If you are a nature lover or simply want to spend memorable time with your loved ones, the island of Kauai should top your list of Hawaii vacations simply because you can visit the world's most drenched place on earth and at the same time, be amazed by the concealed beauty of the place!

Kauai Vacations

If you worry as to how to get to the island, relax because there are numerous ways available for you to be in the beautiful paradise of Kauai. When you arrive, you can go on adventurous hiking and horseback riding or take a sightseeing tour around the astonishing island of Kauai! These are just a few of the hundreds of amazing and thrilling Kauai Activities and Kauai Tours that you can do with your family and friends!

We offer many Things to Do in Kauai - from windsurfing to exciting horseback riding to simply watching roaming chickens in Kauai Island! You read it right, as you are having your much loved Kauai Sightseeing, you are surely going to find chickens that roam around the paradise! It is unpredicted as to how these wild chickens went from being tamed by the Kauai people to being freed which signifies that
while you are in Kauai, you can do all your dreamed adventures anywhere in the island! You will be captivated with other uncommon sights in Kauai so be sure to book your preferred Kauai Attractions and Kauai Activities with Kauai Tours to fulfill your lifetime goals of Hawaiian Tours!

If you opt to simply unwind and enjoy the grandeur of the island of Kauai or travel around the numerous Hollywood sites of blockbuster movies in Kauai, Kauai Tours has it all for you! By simply browsing our Kauai Tours website or calling us over the phone at 866-482-9775, you are giving yourself a chance to enjoy and be stress free because here in Kauai Tours, we only offer the best and the finest Kauai Attractions and Hawaiian Tours at its lowest price! Allow us to complete your extravagant Kauai Travel and surely, you won't regret it! Call us and we do the rest.

Imagine walking hand in hand with your loved one along the beautiful and sugar like seashore of Kauai, having a delicious dinner by the sea and spending intimate moments at a hidden paradise, for sure your relationship will truly blossom at its full growth! Make this imagination of yours be in reality because in Kauai, nothing is impossible! The island of Kauai is widely known as the most romantic place in the Hawaiian region and considered as one of the most romantic tourist destination in the entire globe.  Whatever your purpose is  in coming to Kauai, whether to inflame an old romance or to create a new love story, you can make it possible!

Kauai is a haven for all adventure seekers like you simply because it is separated into five beautiful regions which make it easy for you when planning where to have your adventure-packed Kauai Attractions and Kauai Activities!  Journey to the northern and southern coast of Kauai as it is widely known for its distinct beauty and splendor!  If you are an ocean lover and want to discover the grandeur of Kauai's underwater, spend your Hawaii Tours and Hawaii sightseeing in the gorgeous and splendid Na Pali Coast, a Hanalei Town and plunge into its crystal clear water, snorkel and glide with vibrant Hawaiian fishes and other stunning marine life! But if you are up for an educational and historical expedition, worry no more because we also have it here in Kauai! You can travel around the west coast of Kauai and learn more of the ancient culture and traditions of Hawaiian people and of course, you can't miss the archeologists' favorite, the famous Polihale heiau where it is believed to be the home of the souls of Hawaiian people!  Worrying that you are far away from your favorite golf place? No need to be simply because Kauai Tours still want you to continue your favorite sport here in the stunning island of Kauai! For a golf lover like you, you can spend your Kauai Hawaii Tours in Lihue or Kapalaki where you will discover the luxurious and intricately created 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf courses and the lavish private ponds!  Aside from these wonderful sites in Kauai, you still have to visit the world renowned Coconut Coast of Kauai where you will witness the Wailua place which is a big part of the interesting and important culture of ancient Hawaii! You will be mesmerized as you get to see personally the legendary heiaus or holy sites of Kauai and the work of art petroglyphs of Hawaii! It is highly recommended that you reach Coconut Coast by kayak to fully witness the beauty of the place but you can always ride on your car to visit the wondrous place of Kauai!

You can select what suits you and your family best because Kauai Tours made relevant studies as to which adventures in Kauai are the greatest. You can select from a variety of Things to Do in Kauai such as diving, kayaking, horseback riding or snorkeling around the beautiful island of Kauai. When it comes to any breathtaking and splendid Kauai Travel and Hawaii Sightseeing expeditions, Kauai Tours is your key to create your own tale of Kauai adventures! Here at Kauai Tours, we have the vision and goal to pursue and that is to give you the most exquisite way to travel around the wondrous island of Kauai and not only that, we made sure that you get the most affordable rates of your preferred Kauai Sightseeing and Kauai Hawaii Tours available online! We want you to enjoy the fun and thrills of Kauai with your family and at the same time help you save big amount of money! Complete your Things to Do in Kauai List and all you need to do is just a click or a phone call and we do the rest to make your lifelong dream Hawaiian vacation come true! Be freed from any headaches when planning your holiday in Kauai by simply booking with Kauai Tours! For you to reserve the lowest prices of popular Hawaiian Tours, we have already reserved the seats for you long before you step foot on the island
of Kauai and you can be assured of your tickets to the famous and one of a kind shows in Hawaii or simply a romantic Dinner Cruise with your loved one! Have no hesitations and book your desired and lifelong dream of Kauai Travel with Kauai Tours now. Book with Kauai Tours and you are guaranteed to have memorable moments you are going to cherish forever!

If you opt to make your Hawaiian Tour in the magnificent island of Kauai with Kauai Tours, you are not just having fabulous time with your family but you are also helping the Eco-Tourism of Kauai! The Eco-tourism campaign in Kauai has been enormous to preserve the wonders of nature as you travel
around the island and Kauai Tours has actively participated in this eco movement through offering incredible Kauai Attractions and Kauai Activities which are environmental friendly! You are lending a hand to Mother Nature if you book Kauai Tour's adventurous boogie boarding, surfing, hiking,
snorkeling and other marvelous Hawaii Tours since we have designed these exquisite Kauai Activities according to the preservation of Hawaii's tropical rainforest and other scenic spots of Hawaii.  Indulge yourself with the wonders of Kauai and begin contributing to the conservation of Mother Nature.

Even if you are an experienced traveler and have gone to several splendid places around the globe, you will always make Kauai as your top destination because it is a 500-square mile paradise overflowed with dazzling picturesque tourist spots such as the hilly scenery, refreshing waterfalls and hidden grottos! One day travel is never enough to tour around the stunning Hawaiian Island knowing the numerous sites you can visit! It will be difficult as to which of these gorgeous sights you should visit first but keep in mind that Kauai Tours is here to help you plan your Hawaii adventure! Whether you want to explore the splendor of Kauai by air, water of by land, Kauai Tours has it all for you! If you want to to have a refreshing swim in Kauai's ocean or have a short walk through the lavish rainforest of Kauai,
Kauai Tours has intricately crafted numerous types of adventure for you to quench all your thirst of Kauai sightseeing and  Kauai Hawaii Tours! Go for a solo adventure if you seek for a more private expedition or journey with your friends and share the happiness you are going to get from your Kauai
Travel! Pursue your long time goals to explore Kauai with Kauai Tours now!

Things to do in Kauai

Kauai ATV Tours- Having ATV Tours is one of the best ways to unearth the beauty of Kauai's rough and hilly scenery and amazing private ranches in the area! Go for the path less journeyed and boast how great it is to ride on an ATV through the lush rainforest of Kauai. Even if you are a beginner or a well experienced rider, ATV Tours is definitely for you because it is easy to drive and absolutely the best for those who want to see the sites of some blockbuster movies, discover concealed waterfalls and experience the lavish rainforest! These are just few things you can do with the superb ATV Tours of Kauai Tours!

Kauai Biking Tours - Yes, you read it right, you can bike downhill in Kauai's mountainous scenery with your family and friends! With Biking Tours, you can enjoy the grandeur of Kauai's lavish rain forest, canyon floors and breathtaking beaches at the same time exercise and breathe some fresh air
which truly makes this Kauai Activities stand out from the rest of Kauai Attractions! 

Kauai Dinner Cruises - Want to treat your loved one to an intimate dinner cruise along the gorgeous coast of Napali? This is your chance to show how you love your partner and family by having a luscious escapade offered by Kauai Tours! Get aboard on the luxurious catamarans and enjoy the
awe-inspiring Dinner Cruises in Kauai!

Fabulous Fern Grotto Tour - Your Kauai Travel won't be complete if you miss to book the most treasured Fern Grotto Tour in the stunning island of Kauai! Be mesmerized by the world renowned landmark of Kauai which you can only reach by riding on a boat or kayaking up in the revitalizing water of Wailua River! With Kauai Tours, your interest will always be in full blast most especially with the fantastic Fern Grotto Tour where you can imagine how Elvis Presley sung the famous Blue Hawaii and how you groove with Hula dance! 

Kauai Fishing  - Yes, with Kauai Tour's Fishing Activity, you can always have fun with your family as you sail on the marvelous ocean of Kauai where you can have a taste of its rich marine life such as tuna, ono, Marlin, Mahi mahi and renowned rainbow runner! Enhance your skills in fishing as you will be guided and taught by our expert and well experienced captain and crews of our chartered boat! Nothing else is more rewarding than to catch the huge fish of Hawaii and savor its one of a kind taste.

Kauai Helicopter Tours - If you want to witness the beauty of the 500-mile Garden Island of Kauai from above, then Kauai Tour's Helicopter Tour should top your adventure list! On this Kauai Hawaii Tour, you will definitely feel awe as you discover how beautiful Kauai Island is as you will fly above the gorgeous waterfalls of Kauai to the magnificent lava flows from Hawaii's volcano to discovering the edge of the Garden Island!  This luxurious Hawaii sightseeing is a must do expedition if you want to etch a wonderful experience in your family's memories. Kauai Tours offers the finest Helicopter Tours in the island and if you book with Kauai Tours, you can be certain that you are guided by our well experienced and certified pilots.

Kauai Hiking - Kauai Tours actively adheres to the vision of Eco tourism and what can possibly be the best way to help in preservation of Mother Nature? Yes, by mountain trekking you get to personally discover different wild plants and animals of Kauai at the same time being a catalyst of Eco
Tourism in Hawaii! Pack your bags now and begin your adventurous mountain climbing with your friends and family.

Kauai Horseback Riding - Whether you simply want to experience the splendid scenery of the paradise of Kauai or you want to join the thrilling cattle drive and enhance your equestrian skills, Kauai Tour's Horseback riding is what you have been looking for! If you worry about your safety, rest assured that Kauai Tours has made it sure that all your horseback riding gears  are being checked always and well maintained by our staffs and our horses are well trained to bring you comfortably to the outstanding
places of the island. Book with Kauai Tours now, save more and enjoy more! 

Hawaii Movie Tours - If you are a movie fan and would like to experience firsthand the location of your favorite film, this impressive Kauai Movie Tour is the answer to your dream! Yes, more than a hundred Hollywood movies and famous television shows have been shot on this beautiful island of Kauai due to its isolated location and outstanding splendor! With Kauai Tours, you can go for a short period of movie adventure or spend the entire day viewing the extravagant environment where  blockbuster films took place and at the same time, discovering how each part of the movie came about! You should not miss this once in a lifetime chance of having Kauai Tour's Movie Tours!

Kauai Kayak Tours - Kayak Tours are another fun filled activity that you will absolutely love! You will be able to discover the different places that are perfect for your Kayak Tours! Kauai has so many remote places that are not yet open to the public. You will experience kayaking up in incredible rivers and observe the striking beauty of the waterfalls! Enjoy the remarkable highlights of kayaking such as the magnificent ocean kayaking in Kauai! This activity is perfect for all adventure lovers!

Kauai Land Tours - Do you want to explore the well-known places in Kauai?  The land tour is the perfect way to discover Kauai! You will be able to witness the outstanding places in Kauai and will
know all the wonderful things to do in Kauai! Be sure to book this now only in Kauai Tours and enjoy the biggest discount and amazing packages of all your Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours! 

Hawaiian Lei Greetings - Before you begin all your superb Kauai Activities and Kauai Tours, be sure to try the unforgettable Hawaiian Lei Greetings! It is one of the great ways to start your grand Kauai Vacations because it can lift up your adventure mood to be more exciting! It is a one of kind lively greetings that is perfect to all first timers and most especially to all honeymooners! The lei vendors will make personalized greetings for you when you arrive at the airport! Receive Lei Greetings that you will not forget! All you need to do is go to Kauai Tours and they will do the rest! Kauai Tours offers you this once in a lifetime opportunity to have all your Kauai Activities! 

Kauai Luaus - Have you ever experienced a luxurious and grand festivity in Hawaii? This is now the time to indulge yourself in the most famous Luaus in Kauai as Kauai Tours offers the finest and most excellent selections of Hawaiian Luaus in Kauai! Even if your Kauai Travel is full, you must make time for these remarkable luaus! If you want an assurance of premium quality of your luaus, book with Kauai Tours only and receive its lowest rates for your desired Kauai Activities and Kauai Attractions!

Kauai Scuba Diving - Kauai is also famous for their breathtaking underwater beauty and majestic marine lives! Reserve these electrifying Kauai Activities and experience a different dimension diving activity because diving on this fantastic island brings you to one of a kind place where most people dream of! You will be able to witness all the incredible schools of tropical fish and swim together with the mantas! Discover the heavenly underwater caverns and astonishing lava formation which is formed thousand years ago! See why Kauai diving is one of the top ten best diving location!

Kauai Snorkeling - Don't have license to dive in to the deepest part of Kauai's ocean? Fret not because you can still enjoy the wonders of Kauai's underwater paradise by booking a snorkeling activity with Kauai Tours! Not all tourists get to discover the other face of the beautiful island of Kauai so don't forget to book this exciting Kauai Activity and start swimming with the vibrant and striking tropical fishes of Kauai! You can glide with your loved ones at the hidden grottos or swim along the splendid reefs of Kauai.

Kauai Sunset Sailing - Have you been dreaming to sail and cruise with your loved one along the stunning coast of Kauai? Make this romantic dream of yours come true by having the famous Sunset Sailing Adventure of Kauai Tours! Savor a delectable dinner and mouth watering wine as you are being
amused with the scenery of Kauai's coastal beauty. Rekindle the romance with your partner by making Sunset Sailing as your top Kauai Activity. Awaken your senses as you relax and unwind and spend quality time with your family!

Kauai Surfing - The North and South Shore of Kauai is one of the great surfing places in Hawaii! They are blessed with dazzling waves that are perfect for all surfers! It has awesome spots which all surfers and first timers will love! All of the local and international surfers will really enjoy this surfing haven so don't forget to try this one of a kind surfing experience in Kauai! Even beginners can start to glide on the perfect waves of Kauai.   If you are planning to learn the skills of surfing, this the best opportunity you can have! 

Kauai Whale Watching- Be captivated with the wonderful and awesome Humpback whales of Kauai every winter with Kauai Tours! These marvelous giant sea creatures are very playful and friendly.  View the humpback whales playing and communicating with each other for a memorable Kauai Activity experience!  

Kauai Zip line Tours- Flying above the rich rainforest of Kauai is certainly the best way to witness the beauty of Kauai especially if you are up for more thrilling and exhilarating rides of Zip line Tours! Zoom up in the air and be mesmerized as you get to soar above Kauai rainforest.  Cross a suspension bridge before plunging into the cool waterfalls of Kauai! Book your much loved Zip line Tours with Kauai Tours now as spaces get sold out.

Kauai Island's History

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Kauai is known as the place where you will see huge and numerous sugar cane plantations. In year 1778, Captain James Cook discovered the island and landed in Waimea. He was amazed by the striking beauty of the island! As the years went by, this island has been developed and in year 1810, it was officially added to the remarkable chain of Hawaii! In the middle of 20th century, Hollywood discovered this marvelous island and began to use this island as one of its favorite movie locations! There is no doubt that here in Kauai, you will never be run out of incredible Kauai Attractions and Kauai Activities to do!

The magnificent island of Kauai became a haven of Hollywood movies. Numerous famous and blockbuster movies were shot here including Elvis Presley's renowned movies, the musical South Pacific, Raiders of the Lost Ark, 6 Days and 7 nights and the famed Jurassic Park! Reminisce your much loved movies as you book the world famous Kauai Movie Tours from Kauai Tours! Feel like you are truly part of the movie by traveling around its scenic locations!

Travel Awards of Kauai Island

Almost every year, Kauai is being recognized by global travel magazines and the travel industry. In 2007, Kauai got the 3rd highest number of votes as the World's Best Island to travel and visit from Travel & Leisure Magazine next to Maui and Bali. Luxury Travel Magazine proclaimed Princeville Resort of Kauai as one of its Top Ten Luxury Hawaiian Hotels in 2007 joining the line up of JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton!

Kauai Tours

Whether you are seeking the tranquil ocean to plunge in, or sugar like white sandy beaches to sunbathe or hidden waterfalls where you can spend unforgettable moments with your loved one, just name it and Kauai Tours has it all for you! This is a haven for those lovely couples who want to inflame their romance, for families who want to create wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime, for group of friends who wants to have their own story of adventure and for well traveled tourists who simply want to have a great time in this beautiful and most romantic island of Kauai! From the crystal clear waters of Kauai to its concealed splendid grottos to the flowing and refreshing waterfalls, from the remarkable Hawaiian lei greetings of the locals to discovering the lavish tropical rainforest of Kauai, Kauai Tours can surely make your Hawaiian dream come true with its exquisite and extravagant touch to fully quench your thirst for adventure and relaxation! With Kauai Tours, are not just giving yourself and your loved ones a wonderful treat but also a fantastic gift for you to enjoy and have the most splendid time of your life!

Kauai Tours knows that having super Hawaiian travel can be very expensive and that is why Kauai Tours has made sure that we offer you the lowest and the most affordable rates for your favorite Kauai Activities and Kauai Attraction you can ever find online! We want you to be freed from any headaches and stress when planning your Kauai Hawaii Tours by offering a quality service of setting up a luxurious yet discounted Hawaiian Holiday! We want to help you in completing your tremendous Things to Do in Hawaii as we offer a variety of Hawaii sightseeing adventures to choose from! With Kauai Tours, you can be sure that you only get the finest and excellent Hawaii Activities at its lowest price ever! Kauai Tours is just a click and phone call away so what are you waiting for, book with Kauai Tours now!

Allow us to give you the most cherished Hawaii Vacation in your entire life by having an outstanding Kauai Travel itinerary offered only by Kauai Tours! We highly recommend that you start booking your best-loved Kauai sightseeing and Kauai Hawaii Tours for you to have an assured seats and tickets to these wonderful and astonishing Hawaii expeditions as Kauai Hawaii Tours are widely famous to all local and international travelers! Call Kauai Tours now and book an intimate Hawaii vacation with your loved one, an adventurous expedition with your family and unforgettable and astounding Hawaii holiday
with your friends to avoid any "sold-out" disappointments as you step on the beautiful island of Kauai!

Day and night, rain or shine Kauai Tours is always here to help you with your Kauai Sightseeing adventures! All you need to do is call our Toll Free phone number 866-482-9775 and we will help you get set to go for your lifetime dream of Kauai Hawaii Tours! Just in case you will have some problems when you are in Kauai, we are just a phone call away ready to serve you and solve whatever concerns you have!  When it comes to your best loved Kauai Activities and Kauai Attractions, Kauai Tours is the master of all, call us at our toll free 866-482-9775 and enjoy your extraordinary Hawaiian Travel! Remarkable Kauai adventures, remarkable Kauai Tours!






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